The Church In The Cloud

The church must modify some of the ways that she does things to be attractive to the rapidly changing technological and social map.

As the web is now found “in the cloud”, the church must become “the church in the cloud.’

The church’s logo should read, “To provide virtual on line solutions for the body of Christ.”

Several things that the church has attempted to change have been disastrous because they are none negotiable in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

 1. Never change the relevancy of Jesus Christ.

Never be ashamed of the Name of Jesus Christ.

He is, and will continue to be, the most appealing and significant Person on earth, regardless of generation or social makeup.

Humanity has always considered Him as its central figure and always will.

2. Never water down, sweeten up or compromise the Bible, which is the Word of God to be relevant to society or to be politically correct. This a massive mistake.

The Bible is God’s road map for humanity. If the map is tarnished in any way, humanity will be lost.

Five things that can be changed.

The web, technology, and social trends, changes from day to day and society changes in accordance to them.

Whether I like it or not, people are opting out from  learning a lot, to watch You Tube videos, read Facebook statuses and not learn through massive training courses.

People are looking for “how to methods with efficient and rapid solutions.”

People are not interested in much head knowledge.

Today’s cry is, “teach me things that will work for me now!”

The church must adapt to this change

1 My Bible seminars are now more, “How To” teachings.

How to Become Free in Christ?

How to Hear the Voice of God?

How to Obey God?

How to Get the Breakthrough?

How to Minister in the Holy Spirit?

Secondly, the church is woefully ignorant and deficient on who she is in Christ and and her sole identity as that which Christ possesses.

One of the world’s biggest problems is that of unsatisfied identities.

People do now know that the only identity which functions is that which God possesses as revealed in Christ Jesus.

I am heavy into teaching on who Christians are in Christ and transformation into His identity.

I am heavy on teachings on “how to” solutions for the church.

2 The church freaks out in the market place. She has become so entrenched within her walls, where Christians minister exclusively to Christians, that she is becoming “ghettoized.”

There is a disconnect with her unchurched market place neighbors.

She does not know how to relate to it.

Its demons and strange philosophies freak her out.

It should not be like that. Jesus was a good friend to the unchurched.

Right now, God is more active in the market place than in the church.

It’s more boring inside the church than outside.

The church must get out into the market place and become acclimated to it while at all times lifting up the Person of Jesus Christ in love and purity.

3 Assistant pastors should delegate a lot of the things that the senior pastors do so that they in turn can focus on mentoring the “on fire” Christians who show hunger and potential, who the Hand of God is upon, and who are destined to be upcoming Christian leaders.

Part of our ministry is to recognize those who God has His hand on and pour ourselves into.

God can do more through one great leader who moves in the Spirit than a hundred who do not.

4 People should not have to go through extensive training and waiting periods to be given a chance to minister.

Almost every Christian whom I’ve met has a hunger to learn how to minister and be given an opportunity to operate in the power of God.

To make people wait and receive extensive training before their being released is part of the dinosaur system that plagues the church causing people not to want to give up their Sundays to come to a service.

I allow hungry Christians who are not part of the ministry team to come up and shadow me during a ministry situation.

I am not going to put them on the ministry team, but what about giving them a chance to know what it is to minister in the power of God?

5 Finally The Church Must Become a Super Connector.

Read my article.


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